20 Important Reasons You Should Use Skill Assessment Tests

by Angela Griffiths

There are various methods used by employees when hiring or promoting employees. Every employer wants to hire the best talent out there or get the most appropriate person for the job. 

An effective strategy that most organizations implement during the hiring process is the skill assessment test. There are tests that employers use to evaluate the skills and abilities of their employees and job candidates.

While they are more commonly used in the hiring process, employees actively use skill assessment tests to evaluate their current employees. A skill assessment test can also come in handy for career development, learning and development, and reskilling and upskilling.

When done right, skill assessment tests have many benefits. Their benefits go beyond what the business can gain to what employees and potential candidates for the job stand to gain.

In the sections below, you will find 20 reasons employees should use skill assessment tests. Keep reading to know why skills tests are essential.

  1. Helps Determine a Job Fit

One of the most effective ways to identify whether a candidate is a suitable fit for the job position you want to fill is using a skill assessment exam. By taking the candidate through a skill assessment exam, you will get useful information about their ability and whether they have what it takes to perform the job well. 

2. Verifies Candidate’s Resume

People prepare their resumes intending to secure a job. Unfortunately, most job seekers are not honest when making their resumes.

As an employer, you can use skill tests to verify the accuracy of your candidates’ resumes. This test can help you ascertain whether the candidates have the abilities they claim. By doing this, you will be in a better position to make the right judgment about your potential candidate’s skills.

3. Helps Avoid Biasness

There is no denying that biasness can affect decisions, especially during hiring decisions. In most instances, hiring managers are swayed by factor such as the candidate’s age, gender, education, previous employer, address, and more. One way to prevent this is by assessing the candidates’ skills and knowledge through skill assessment tests. That way, you get reliable, evidence-based information.

Furthermore, skill assessment tests provide a more objective assessment of candidates’ abilities. Unlike resumes and interviews, this provides detailed information and the occasional misinformation about prospects that a recruiter can judge.

4. Enhances the Employer’s Brand

Skill assessment tests can also be used to enhance the value of your brand. If your company boasts of having highly talented employees, you need to have a process in place that affirms that assertion. Administering skill assessment test is one way to ensure this quality system.

Using skill assessment tests reinforces the image of your company, allowing the candidates who pass to feel that they have joined an exclusive group of workers.

If you form the habit of administering skill assessment tests, your organization will market itself as a company that has access to highly competent individuals. Furthermore, proper implementation of skills assessment tests in the business can promote greater satisfaction throughout the organization since the final choices are based on the most accurate facts and evidence.

5. Enhances the Candidate’s Experience

Organizations implement the skills assessment test to give candidates an exceptional experience during the hiring process. It helps keep them engaged and develops a new skill set. It also focuses on their growth and supports their progress, improving their overall experience. 

6. Address the Skills Gap

Research shows that there is a huge skill gap among job candidates. The good news is that skills assessment tests can help address the severe problem of skill gaps. Most companies use this effective strategy to provide important information about candidates’ skills and ability to learn new things. This helps candidates improve their current abilities to match the job they are applying for.

7. Saves Money

Using a skill evaluation test can help you save money in the long run in several ways. Skill assessment tests can help your recruiting managers save time by quickly weeding out unqualified individuals during the early stages of the selection process. Consequently, this can save money and lead to a faster and more productive process.

Another way skill evaluation tests save money for your company is by avoiding the expensive expense of a bad hire. This they do by ensuring that you are only choosing the best. They show you the most productive applicants.

This strategy can also save your organization money if you plan bulk-hiring. It comes in handy and saves costs when you need to find the most suitable applicants from many applicants. After the test, you can interview applicants whose qualifications and visions align with your business plan. 

All you have to do with a skills test is to provide the candidates with a link to the platform they will be taking the test from. They can then take the skills assessment test from anywhere, which is a win-win situation for both of you. 

There is no denying that skills assessment tests cost money. However, giving assessment tests is much cheaper than holding interviews since you may need to do several interviews before finding the right candidate for the job. 

8. Helps to Pinpoint Training Needs

A notable benefit of skills assessment tests is that they can help you identify any vital job skills that your employees lack. You can use it to analyze your current personnel and establish if there are any training needs that can help develop their skills.

With this information, you can provide your employees with relevant and helpful training and workshops to help hone their skills. Consequently, the productivity of your business will significantly improve since you have a qualified team at hand. 

9. Identify Potential Leaders

A skill evaluation test’s capacity to identify potential leaders is another significant benefit that cannot be overlooked. You can leverage specialized skill evaluation exams to examine and measure your employees’ leadership. 

From this test, you will get to see each team member’s capabilities, skills, and knowledge, some of which you weren’t even aware of. That way, you’ll be able to fill different positions of authority with the proper people.

10. Benchmarking

Reasons to Use Skill Assessment Tests

If you consider comparing your staff to industry or regional benchmarks, a Skill evaluation test can come in handy. 

Comparing your company’s skills to that of your competitors is critical to your company’s success. It may be impossible to move as quickly as your competitors unless you are up to par with their talent. 

Fortunately, a skills assessment test will give you insight into the skills at your disposal and those lacking. Afterward, you can develop an effective strategy that will give you a competitive advantage.

11. Finding a Job Fit for Every Candidate’s Profile

Skills tests are generally worded to guide a candidate to answer important questions about their capabilities. This will help you determine the candidate who is the right fit for the job and your company culture.

If a candidate knows how to pass the employment assessment test, the chances are that they will get the job done. The questions in a skills assessment test are thought-provoking. 

As the employer, you will get a clear perspective of what you should expect from the people you want to hire based on how they answer your skills test. This is far much better than just interviewing since some candidates prepare for the interview enough to pass it but lack the necessary skills to get the job done.

12. To Ensure Accurate Hiring Decisions 

You can make good and accurate hiring decisions with skills tests. This is because hiring is based on accurate data from the tests you conduct. According to a study by Aberdeen Group, hiring managers who use a pre-employment assessment test indicate 36% more satisfaction with their hiring decisions. 

Besides, it is not easy for potential employees to lie on skills tests like in actual interviews. Hence, the hiring decisions that a business makes will be based on factual information.

13. Makes Bulk Hiring Easy

If you are dealing with many applicants or want to hire many people, skills assessment tests make it easier to narrow down the crowd to a select few potential candidates. This test can easily differentiate the most suitable candidates early in the recruitment process, saving you a lot of time and effort. This is because you will not need to interview unqualified candidates.

14. Differentiates Between Similar Candidates

In the workforce, especially during the hiring process, it is common for two or more applicants to have similar qualifications and educations. In fact, some candidates have such similarities that you wonder whether they are copy-cuts of each other. It is not easy to pick the right candidate in such a scenario. 

The good news is that a skills test will help you to easily read between the lines and identify the differences between your ‘similar’ candidates. If you only want to hire one person from your list of similar candidates, a skills test will come in handy to help you know who is best suited for the job. The screening method will always capture the differences and provide you with helpful insights to make the right final decision.

15. More Objective than Interviews

While interviews will give more concrete results at the end of the day, skills assessment tests are more objective. This is because assessment tests lack the bias factor that is almost always introduced during an interview. 

When an interviewee comes to your boardroom for an interview, whether you like it or not, you will develop a certain mental picture about what you can expect from them if you decide to hire them for the job. 

On the other hand, skills assessment tests are done by the candidates without you having any prior knowledge about them. This means that the results you get from the test are more objective. It allows you to focus on the candidate’s professional and personal growth aspects. 

16. Skills Assessment Tests can be Standardized

Every candidate applying for a particular position is given the same assessment in a skills assessment test, notwithstanding their individual qualities. Also, the answer key is standardized and the assessment grade can be considered objective if it is not subjective. Hence, potential candidates can have confidence that the hiring process is not based on discrimination.

17. Promote Transparency

The objectivity in a skill assessment test can help avoid adverse impacts or discrimination during the hiring process. This is unlike an in-person assessment which can lack the objectivity. A piece of software is used to give the same test to every prospect, regardless of their individual qualities, promoting transparency.

18. Eliminates Legal Risks

There are legal risks associated with hiring, and this can be eliminated by performing a skills assessment test. Since the test is objective and standardized, it is easier to defend your preferred candidate in case of a lawsuit. 

19. Helps Avoid Bad Hiring Decisions

The other crucial advantage of a skills assessment test is that your company is unlikely to make bad hiring decisions. It helps you double-check whether the person you are considering for a position is an excellent fit for the position and your company culture. This can also help to reduce the turnover rate. 

20. Measures Progress

Measuring employee progress is important and can greatly contribute to your company’s progress. A skills assessment test can help you regularly evaluate employees’ skills to establish where more support and training are needed. 


The truth is that businesses are always looking for recruits to promote the consistency of their operations. While this does not mean that businesses always have open positions, they will need someone in a certain sector at one point or another in the near future.

You can always prepare for the eventuality of hiring some employees by having skills evaluation tests on standby. Now, when it is time to look for a new employee, you will have to administer the tests and effectively filter all the employees who do not meet the qualifications. 

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