5 Benefits of Conducting Video Interviews

by Angela Griffiths

The recruitment process has undergone many improvements because of technology, which has benefitted both recruiters and job seekers on the market. One example of these improvements is that recruiters can now conduct interviews over the internet.

Video interviews have become a popular choice for different business sizes because of their many benefits, making the hiring process that much more manageable.

Aside from having a streamlined hiring process, the company can save more time and effort when looking for qualified applicants. After all, video interviews are 6 times faster compared to phone interviews.

With that said, what are the other advantages of video interviews? Moreover, how can they change your recruitment process for the better?

  1. Easier Scheduling Interviews

You might end up spending much time for days or weeks if you have to conduct many face-to-face interviews with candidates.

That is because you need to schedule a convenient time to accommodate all of them. Therefore, the schedule may feel like you are playing Tetris, trying to figure out how to fit all of them.

You also try to figure out all your conversations to decide who will attend the interviews. This isn’t just stressful and time-consuming for you; it’s also the same case for the candidates.

Video interviews can make it much easier to complete the application process because candidates can respond to the interview questions whenever it’s most convenient for them.

The same concept applies to recruiters since they can just evaluate the applicants’ answers whenever they have the time. With video interviews, it won’t matter if your schedules don’t match.

Working together is now easier, too, since anyone in the recruitment team can leave their comments and ratings about the applicant. Moreover, if the team’s opinions about the video interview require more discussion, they can just schedule the applicant for an in-person or live video interview.

With video interviews, you can evaluate more candidates more efficiently, leaving you more time to spend on candidates with potential.

  • Ensuring Consistency in Interviews

Although recruitment officers try to ask all the candidates the same questions, they can sometimes forget to cover a specific area or become off-track.

As a result, not all candidates get the same interview experience during an in-person interview. It becomes harder to pick the best candidate for the role because of these inconsistencies during the interview.

Opting for video interviews can help resolve this issue since it’s easier to maintain consistency throughout all the recruitment stages. You can just prepare and record the questions beforehand. Everyone will have the same experience because there’s only one recording.

This means the hiring process becomes fair for all the candidates, and it’s also easier for the recruitment manager to come up with a better decision regarding who will proceed to the last stages of the recruitment process.

  • Better Performance Tracking

When conducting video interviews for the hiring process, recruitment managers can better assess and determine who performed well and their similarities.

This is because they can more easily compare what the top candidates answered to the same question. By determining these similarities, they can better evaluate and pick qualified applicants in the future.

For instance, if all the top candidates have the same background in technology or have the same professional goal, you can take note of these when there are future candidates that mention the same knowledge, ability, interest, or potential.

Managers can also more easily check their body language or gain insights from their decisions, such as when they choose to record their videos.

With that said, checking the video interviews of successful candidates and comparing them are more efficient and valuable than comparing notes collated from different opinions of the recruitment team members.

  • Appealing to More Passive Applicants

Some people are not actively searching for a new job, but they are still open to the idea of new opportunities for their careers. This is especially true if the salary, benefits, and other perks are enticing for them.

However, they might not push through with the interview if attending it will require more work and effort than needed. For example, if they need to travel far for the interview, they might pass on the opportunity because it’s too inconvenient.

This may result in you missing out on the perfect candidate for your company. Conducting video interviews can resolve this issue. With video interviews, even passive candidates can push through since they can answer the interview questions at their own time.

After all, a full-time worker might not be able to adjust their schedule for an in-person interview. However, they’ll likely have more time and push through with the interview if they can record their responses at home.

  • Evaluating Candidates’ Knowledge About Technology
Benefits of Video Interviewing

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter what position applicants apply for in your company; they will need to have an adequate amount of knowledge when it comes to technology.

In this case, utilizing video interviews is an indirect method of gauging their level of understanding about technology. For example, you can determine how well they understand today’s gadgets if they can resolve issues like lack of sounds, poor image quality, or a lack of recorded video.

These can also serve as a way to determine how prepared and detail-oriented they are. After all, it can be a significant hiring red flag if an applicant isn’t willing to use the resources they have to ensure their interview video is high-quality before submission.

  • Lowering Costs for Assessments

There are a lot of expenses when recruiting someone, especially if the candidate is from a distant place. That’s because you may need to pay for their flight, meals, and accommodations if you want to bring them in for an in-person interview.

This is why companies that use video interviews can save a lot of costs related to early recruitment. You can just conduct a video interview to evaluate an applicant who lives across the globe.

You no longer have to spend a large sum just to assess how qualified they are for the position. You can just determine their suitability for your company from their video interview.

  • Reducing the Time for Small Talk

There is always time allotted for small talk at the start or end of an in-person interview. However, if it goes on longer than intended, it may eat up a large chunk of the interview and leave you with less time for other applicants.

It’s also troublesome if you have a hectic work schedule or want your company’s hiring process to have more structure. This is where video interviews come in.

By conducting video interviews, you can reduce the overall time for small talk and keep the first stages of the hiring process brief and concise. You can also spend more time evaluating qualified candidates, making the recruitment process better, faster, and more efficient.

  • Filtering Applicants More Effectively

It can be time-consuming and costly for your company if you end up spending too much time on what turns out to be someone who’s not a good fit for your company. In this case, conducting video interviews can help make the filtering process easier.

With video interviews, you can eliminate the possibility of wasting time and effort on unqualified candidates since they can make it easier for you to determine whether they’re a good fit or not.

You can also decide more quickly who gets to proceed to the next stages of recruitment, saving you the time and effort needed to do so. You can then spend the saved time during in-person interviews for deeper conversations when they reach the concluding stages of the recruitment process.

  • Assessing Nonverbal Cues and Body Language

Before deciding to have face-to-face interviews, some recruitment officers conduct phone interviews to assess applicants. While this can be an excellent way to have an initial assessment of their qualification, it might not be an accurate way to gauge how well they’ll fit with the rest of your team.

Video interviews allow recruitment officers to see a candidate’s facial expressions, body language, and appearance, even without seeing them in person. You can better determine if they are a good fit for your company, and it can help you identify if they’ve done their research on the company and their potential role in it.

For example, you can base this on what they wear during the video interview. You can also see their demeanor in answering questions and their poise. In this case, they are likely worthy candidates if they take the video interview seriously.

  1. Allowing Candidates to Feel More Comfortable

There’s often a lot of pressure on applicants to give a bright and witty answer when they sit across a recruitment manager or hiring panel. They also feel more nervous whenever the hiring manager asks a more challenging question.

This anxiety can make them more likely to give answers they don’t mean or try harder to explain themselves, especially when the former happens. This can also result in them not providing the eloquent answers they need to and can give.

Moreover, the discomfort can result in them not showcasing their genuine character, ability, or knowledge during the interview. Opting for video interviews can reduce these issues.

That’s because applicants are given enough time to prepare their answers and ensure that what they share is what they really meant. There’s also less pressure to come up with the perfect answer, enabling them to think more clearly and allow their true abilities to shine.

They also have more chances to present themselves well in the interview, which can significantly boost their self-confidence, especially if they’re invited for an in-person interview later on.

  1. Showcasing Innovation and Adaptability

Video interviews can also give your new hires a subtle but still powerful impression about your company. These allow them to realize that you’re a company that keeps up with the latest technologies and trends and implements them in your daily operations.

They can also gain the impression that if they work for your company, they’ll also be utilizing cutting-edge technologies and practices to do their jobs more effectively. This can also encourage candidates who are open to more challenges and willing to develop themselves as the company grows to apply.

  1. Increasing Your Company’s Appeal to Candidates

Aside from making it easier for recruiters, conducting video interviews also make it easier and more convenient for applicants to submit their responses. This is because they no longer have to spend much time commuting or driving around to attend an interview.

When you provide the option to conduct a job interview online, it can also show that you respect the effort and time of the candidates. This can make your company more appealing to them.

  1. Getting Interviews More Easily

Most applicants find it tough to schedule an interview when they are still employed. Aside from being an unfavorable practice, it can also be too difficult to leave their office for a job interview.

Some end up lying to their current employer, such as pretending to be sick or faking a critical appointment. Not only is it stressful for the candidate, but this also negatively impacts their credibility.

Video interviews can help eliminate these dilemmas and allow you to find the perfect person for the position. That’s because candidates can record their answers after their shift or rest days. This is better than using their time from their current work for a new job.

  1. Helping Candidates Focus on the Questions

Even if you conduct the interview in a relaxing venue, it can still be distracting for candidates since it’s someplace unfamiliar. Not only will this make them feel uneasy, but it can also compromise their performance since they might not be able to answer the questions well.

With video interviews, candidates can choose where they’d like to answer the interview questions, allowing them to feel more comfortable and eliminating any potential distractions.

This will also help them feel more confident and simply focus on what’s being asked of them instead of worrying about the unfamiliar environment.

  1. Eliminating Other In-Person Interview-Related Worries

Besides feeling nervous going to the interview venue, most applicants also feel anxious about the other problems they might encounter during the day of the interview. For example, they might worry about getting to the venue without getting lost.

Because they are worried about these potential issues, even the most qualified candidates might not perform at their best on the day of the interview.


Finally, you understand the 15 advantages of conducting video interviews. Not only are these beneficial for employers, but they’re also beneficial for applicants.

Video interviews help streamline the hiring process and eliminate unnecessary hurdles that can make you potentially miss out on the perfect candidate. It also makes it easier for recruiters to evaluate the candidates’ suitability for the job.

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