What Is An Evergreen Job Post for Recruiting 2022?

by Sarah Reyes

An evergreen job post, otherwise known as evergreen requisition, is used for hiring to fill a job position or role in the company that requires a heavy recruiting process.  Check out the following for more information about it.

An In-Depth Description

A deeper description of an evergreen job posting is simply that it is an information system that helps with hiring for a job position that has a high turnover rate or a job position that needs a high volume of candidates and recruits. Each evergreen job post hopes to gather an applicant that is best suited for the job position.

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True Evergreen Job Positions

Before you consider posting for evergreen job hirings, you have to consider whether the position or role your company is trying to fill is really an evergreen job. There are many advantages in using an evergreen job post, but utilizing the process wrongly could also get the company big losses.

Going back to the description of an evergreen job, it is a position or role in the company that needs a candidate, recruit, or employee to constantly fill the role. So, if you don’t need to replace an employee for their role in the company very often, then you won’t need to post for evergreen job hirings.

There are two ways your company can determine whether the job is evergreen or not, and we’ll start with the first one. 

The first one involves a deeper knowledge on recruiting analytics, which usually involves putting a role in the company to the test. The process is going to be stressful and rigorous, but it prevents the company from taking any losses that will be hard to recover.

The second option is much faster and easier, but not necessarily as effective as the first process. It simply requires the company to identify whether it belongs to a category of industries that have evergreen jobs, like health care, call center agencies, and retail.

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Health Care

Health care is probably one of the biggest companies that have true evergreen jobs, as they need a steady stream of candidates and recruits to make up for the high turnover rates. The medical field provides its people with a job that not only one hire can do, so the workforce has to be really big.

Take for example the role of a nurse in the hospital: the position requires the company to have at least two to three nurses for just one day. 

Putting in the analytics, multiplying that with how many patients each nurse has to handle means that the organization needs a constantly high volume of nurses, fitting the description of an evergreen job.

Hospitals are one of the organizations that needs to have an evergreen posting for every role, lest they suffer penalties from labor laws.


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Call Centers

Call center agencies are another good example of a company that needs an evergreen job posting because of both its high turnover rate and constant need for a candidate filling the role. 

Every call center agent has to deal with a lot of phone calls from different people from different countries, meaning that not only one candidate can handle the task alone.

Because the calls come from different countries also, a lot of people don’t use English as their native language. This then calls for an applicant who is proficient in a language that is not only their mother tongue or English, but others as well. 

The need for an evergreen job posting in call centers rises by the expansion of their company. Because being a call center agent is an evergreen work, call center agencies need to constantly update their vacancy post and work description to attract the applicant they need.


Retail work fits the evergreen job description, especially because much like hospitals, the job requires the candidate to face a varying number of customers with different needs every day. Retail workers are better and more commonly known as salespersons, cashiers, and even store assistants. 

Furthermore, much like call center agencies, this evergreen job also requires workers to be proficient in more than just one language, though they often get off by just using English. 

The varying number of customers means that companies in retail need to have a steady supply of workers, all for the reason of making their store more attractive than others.

Retail work can also be very taxing on the candidate, and some don’t consider the payoff as good. This often results in a high turnover rate, which also means that aside from companies having to deal with many customers, they also have to deal with the constantly retiring workers. 

One of the best ways they can solve this is by making use of an evergreen job post software. 

Attracting the Right Applicant

Attracting the right applicant with an evergreen job post can be a difficult task, especially when you make it massively available to the public. This requires you to have a lot of things, all of which help with improving the quality of evergreen job posts.

After you have identified whether your organization has an evergreen job, one of the most important aspects you will need to consider before making use of an evergreen post is having a good information technology candidate. This candidate must be proficient in the coding language your job posting software will use.

If you overlook this certain aspect before you get into evergreen job posting, then the organization might suffer some losses the hiring department will have to pay for. Because even the average applicant today considers the user-friendliness of a software or website as a deciding factor before they accept the job, the coding aspect becomes essential.

Deciding to slack off on hiring a candidate who is proficient with coding language could have very detrimental effects to the hiring process. 

First and foremost would be that even the average applicant wouldn’t even consider clicking or tapping your evergreen job post. This will then result in you having wasted any effort on the job post at all. 

Another aspect that you have to deeply consider is the analytics the job evergreen job posting software offers. This will help you determine the legitimacy of a software before you even make use of it in your organization. This will not only help with streamlining your hiring process, but also often make it more attractive for the everyday applicant to consider the posting.

There are many key analytics that a software can use, most of which are going to be talent acquisition metrics that are easily applicable to the software. This can include offer acceptance rate, sourcing channel efficiency, and quality of hire. Of course, the software will only use these (and other) metrics according to how it applies to your organization

Streamlining the Hiring Process

You can’t leave the job posting to do all the work for you, as it is only a means to an end. This means that you also have to streamline the hiring process to both attract more applicants and make the job posting that much more effective. There are many things you can do to make it easier for an applicant to become a recruit.

One of the best things you can do to make the job posting more attractive to applicants is by reducing your time to hire. This is a key metric that will help you determine how long it takes your organization to introduce an applicant as an actual employee. 

Reducing this will help the organization gain a good reputation just from word of mouth alone, one of the best ways to get your organization known to the public.

You can also determine the cost per hire through the software, allowing you to adjust the budget provided on it as well as see how effective it is for the organization. 

From there, solutions can be made to make the utmost use of the posting software, or even answer the question of whether the organization needs it or not.

Test Analytics on Your Evergreen Job Post

One of the best things about using an evergreen job post software is that you can usually test key recruitment analytics on it. As was already mentioned, analytics are important to determine how well the organization has been performing in a given timespan, may it be weeks, months, or years. 

Getting to know different analytics and talent acquisition metrics will help the organization or department determine the problem areas in recruitment. From there, they can adjust the way certain processes are done, such as budget allocations, the software being used, and other things.

While there are many recruitment metrics to know about, it will help to also know that you should only use what best applies in the organization’s situation. 

Using a metric that doesn’t necessarily apply is similar to providing upper management with unnecessary data. Good softwares will often provide these to you, but you should also still be aware of how the data is extracted to be able to pinpoint any abnormalities or legitimacy issues in the program.



Evergreen job positions are common in many industries, and some of these industries are of much higher priority than others. As good as a source of income they may seem, they may also be a source for loss in the organization. It is best to make use of evergreen job postings only when needed, so as to contain the loss of profits.

Preparing these job postings is not as simple as point-and-click, as you really have to consider a multitude of factors, like coding and audience attraction. However, if you play your cards well and take every aspect into careful consideration, these postings will be of utmost benefit to the organization.


What is an evergreen job posting?

An evergreen job posting is a posting that is meant specifically for evergreen jobs, which are positions in the company that constantly needs filling in.

What does Evergreen mean in Workday?

An evergreen in workday is a tool to help the organization have a pool of candidates, but it doesn’t help with processing a hire.

How do you post an effective job posting?

A job posting is only effective when you take into consideration a multitude of factors, like aesthetic and trends among other things.

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