How often should I update or modify assessments?

by Peter Trebek

Once an assessment is published in Hirenest, it cannot be edited or modified. This limitation is in place to ensure the integrity and consistency of the assessment process. Let’s explore the reasons behind this:

  1. Consistency in Evaluation: By preventing edits to published assessments, Hirenest maintains the consistency of the evaluation process. Once an assessment is launched and candidates start taking it, any modifications could introduce bias or unfairness in the evaluation. Keeping the assessment unchanged throughout the candidate pool ensures a level playing field for all participants.
  2. Reliability and Validity: Assessments are designed with careful consideration to ensure their reliability and validity. Modifying an assessment after it has been published can compromise these important psychometric properties. Changes to the content, format, or structure of the assessment could affect its measurement properties, making the results less reliable or invalid.
  3. Candidate Comparison: To enable fair comparison among candidates, it is crucial to evaluate them using the same version of the assessment. Modifying the assessment would result in different versions being used, making it difficult to compare candidate performance accurately and fairly.
  4. Transparency and Trust: Maintaining the original assessment content and structure enhances transparency and trust in the evaluation process. Candidates expect a consistent and standardized assessment experience, and any modifications after publication could raise doubts about the fairness and integrity of the evaluation.

While you cannot edit a published assessment, it’s important to carefully review and refine your assessment before publishing it. Take the time to ensure the questions, instructions, and scoring criteria align with your hiring requirements and the specific job role. By thoroughly testing and validating the assessment before publication, you can minimize the need for subsequent modifications.

If you identify any issues or areas for improvement in your assessment after it has been published, it is recommended to create a new assessment based on the desired changes. This way, you can maintain the integrity of the evaluation process and ensure consistency in candidate assessment.

By adhering to the practice of not editing published assessments, Hirenest upholds the principles of fairness, reliability, and transparency in the hiring process.

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