What is the perfect length of an assessment?

by Peter Trebek

Hirenest recommends keeping the length of assessments up to 1 hour. There are a few reasons behind this recommendation:

  1. Candidate Experience: A lengthy assessment can be time-consuming and may negatively impact the candidate experience. Asking candidates to spend an excessive amount of time on an assessment can lead to frustration and fatigue. By limiting the assessment to a reasonable duration, you ensure that candidates can complete it without feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Efficiency in Candidate Evaluation: Assessments that are too long may result in an overload of information for recruiters and hiring managers. Reviewing lengthy assessments for multiple candidates can be time-consuming and may lead to assessment fatigue on the evaluator’s side as well. By keeping the assessment within a manageable timeframe, recruiters can efficiently evaluate candidate performance without compromising the quality of the assessment results.
  3. Focus on Key Competencies: A concise assessment encourages the selection of key competencies and relevant questions that directly assess the essential skills and knowledge required for the job role. By focusing on the most critical aspects, you can gain meaningful insights into a candidate’s suitability for the position, ensuring that the assessment remains targeted and effective.
  4. Candidate Availability: Candidates often have busy schedules and limited time availability. By keeping the assessment duration reasonable, you increase the likelihood of candidates being able to complete it within their available time frame. This improves the overall participation rate and ensures a larger pool of candidates for evaluation.

It’s important to strike a balance between providing a comprehensive assessment and respecting the time constraints of both candidates and evaluators. By adhering to Hirenest’s recommendation of using assessments up to 1 hour, you can optimize the assessment process, enhance the candidate experience, and efficiently evaluate candidates for the job role.

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