Make Passive Recruiting Works for You this 2022

by Angela Griffiths

Meta Description: Make passive recruiting work for you this 2022 and get the right employees to do the job and be a part of your team. Click now to know strategic ways to do it.

You have always been eyeing Carlo; having him on your team would mean greater productivity and more creative marketing ideas. But wait, there is a problem… Carlo is currently employed with another marketing agency and he is not looking for a job at all.

A situation like this is one dilemma faced by an employer or by a hiring officer. The right person you think will do the job best is already employed. He is seemingly content and performing well with his current employer. Having such bits of information should not stop you from doing passive recruiting for you this 2022.

Passive recruitment is getting a possible employee who is not currently applying or is not seeking a job to work in your company. It entails challenges to stir up interest in your job opening but knowing how to get your desired result would surely reward your company in countless ways.

Tips on How to Do Passive Recruitment

Here are strategic ways to conduct passive recruiting and reach out to the employee you are considering for your job vacancy.

Let Them Know You are Hiring

Even a qualified candidate will not get into your hiring process because they do not know that there are actually job openings that may suit them. The information has not reached the target employee, which is why it does not mean anything to him.

Why not start a post or send out information that there are current job vacancies. Posts can be made on different hiring platforms, social media, or your own website.

Highlight the details that may arouse their interest that may suggest that they are the best person should they ever read your job advertisement. You should include information such as skills and qualifications.

Conducting warm calls to inform people about the hiring opportunity would also help a lot. Being intentional in reaching out to them while they are not your employees would also mean generally that you will be deliberate in providing them career growth when they become that needed hand of your company.

Be effective with your job posting by making it more creative. Modernize your process of recruitment and use apps such as applicant trackers so you can be updated whether these passive candidates viewed or applied for your job opening.

Reach Out to The Person You are Trying to Employ

Reaching out to them and building the right relationship would allow the trust to grow and would mean a greater consideration in looking through your job opportunities.

One way to do this is to seek possible similar or identical interests or activities. From there, you may find common friends or opportunities to open up such matters.

As an employer or a hiring officer, most of the time, you may prefer to be not direct and exact about the details of the job opening. You would prefer to still let the person take the inference. But taking the opportunity at hand must employ the wisdom and ability of a hiring officer.

You may or may not indirectly relay it to candidates. Still, the effort you give in connecting would be so instrumental in arousing interest and engagement.

You also have to make sure that you have given enough information to let the person keep thinking about the opportunity. Leave an open invitation for him; never forget to leave a contact number or an email where he can inquire or make a possible application.

Give an Offer that Suits the Needs and Lifestyle of the Present Time

Nowadays, work is quite different from the way it did twenty years ago. Most of the jobs at present have gone out of the 8 to 5 strict office hours.

Jobs are no longer confined in the corners of a structured physical office. Office uniforms sometimes no longer work for everyone. Monday to Fridays are also no longer the regular office schedule.

Some of the applicable present-day offices set up which you can offer in making passive recruitment work for you are:

  • Flexible working hours. Wearing a lot of hats daily for a person is not easy. Flexible working hours would do a lot of good for a person who is trying to juggle everyday responsibilities. Not being pressured to report in a set schedule would be a good consideration.
  • Work from Home set up or a combination of both Office and WFH. Another thing to consider is the work location; most employees would choose a nearby office rather than a distant one. So if your passive candidate is living away from your location, you can opt to include a work from home setup or a combination of it with an office setup.
  •  Work setup where a balanced lifestyle is advocacy. As an employer, you can also opt to give benefits that may also include packages that prioritize health and wellness. Rather than just offering salary and compensation packages, you can include programs that enable them to improve holistically.
  • Offering gadget packages for his new work set up Even if we offer them remote work set up, there will be times that may not sound appealing to them. Not that they do not like it, but taking the work from home may entail new expenses for them, thus chipping off money from their savings. A set of remote work gadget packages would equip them to perform and produce excellent output for your company better.

Include in Your Benefit Package Opportunities for Career Growth and Improvements

Do not forget to craft and include on your pitch how they can grow in their career. Around 35% of employees say that they would not opt to leave their former job should they have been paid a little far off than their former salary.

But salary is not the only reason why employees quit their job. Not being challenged anymore with their current job is another factor why they leave. The feeling that their companies do not value them also ranks as one of the main reasons an employee would opt to have a career change.

As an employer, you should be wise enough to prevent this from happening in your own company. Letting the employees feel that they are valued and significant draws greater engagement from them. It increases productivity and enthusiasm more than their job description relays.

A clear and comprehensive career development plan for your employees will surely draw even those you passively recruit. All employees aim to develop and grow their potential; if you have it, then there is a greater chance of getting them to be in your company.

Strive to Be the Best Company in Your Industry

Who would not want to be a part of a great company? Everyone is running after a company that is tops in its industry. Being a part of it brings prestige and confidence. Should there be openings or job vacancy candidates would come vying to be chosen. Even passive candidates would try to send applications should they get the information that such a respected and reputable company is hiring.

Ask the Right Question During Interviews

Should the candidate come for an interview, the right question should be posted so as to solidify the decision that being in your company would be the best choice for him.

Questions such as the following would lead to see the advantages of shifting into a new career with your company :

  • What are the things that you appreciate about your current job? What do you appreciate less?
  • Is the job that you have right is the kind that you are dreaming of?
  • Do you have any dream job? Is this the one that you are holding now?
  • What was the most fulfilling work you have been into? Does your present job measure it?
  • Do you have any future plans for your career? Does your present job provide this to you?

Helping them realize that they have a lot of potential for growth in their career within your company through your set of carefully chosen questions would strengthen their decision to take a new path in their employment. It may be a new path to take for them, but they are confident that it will be a great job opportunity.

Let them reflect that your company fits well to their aspirations. Being under your employment would be their edge. It would be so strategic for them to step into the unknown rather than stay in inert employment.

Emphasize the Resources and Best Working Conditions that Will be Given to them with Your Company

Discussing the best resources that will be made available to them once they become a part of your company would help them decide in your favor. Encouraging them that good working conditions and relationships in your company are valued would benefit your side.

These are two additional factors that a passive candidate may look into when trying to venture and see if your company will be good for them.

Having a good set of colleagues is something for an employee. Our office mates usually become our friends in one part of our lifetimes. Having the best co-worker who will help you look forward to reporting to the office daily and spending the hours happily.

Marketing your company is one best action you can take to reach out to these passive candidates. You can also send brochures and flyers regarding the prestige and benefits of being a part of it. Posting activities that benefit and enhance employees on platforms they use may reach them and give them an idea of the exceptional program you have in your company.

Though a greater percentage of consideration in having an active job is for monetary reward, having a high-paying job is not enough reason to stay on a job. If you could offer a more conducive environment for effective working, you can be a priority in changing a career.

The feeling of contentment, value, and growth would also inspire a current employee to take a chance on a new career opportunity.

Oftentimes, building a relationship with them and allowing them to engage during the recruiting process will be much appreciated. It can be a great factor why they will allow their skills to be honed and practiced in your company.

Continually Build Your Pool of Candidate Employees

One of the wisest things you can do when you are a recruiting officer is to keep applications and resumes that you can use as a reference for later use. Should the time arise for a job opening, you can use this as a reference to pull in passive recruitment.


Doing passive recruiting work for you this 2022 is one activity that entails skills and intensive planning. Nothing would be so satisfying for a company owner or a hiring officer than mustering the best employees in their line. Even if these people are not currently applying for a new career, since you have a great opportunity in store for them, who would refuse such an offer.

Take advantage of strategies that will give an edge to your company to be chosen by these passive candidates.

Answer to the Questions

What is passive recruiting?

Passive recruiting is engaging a person or an employee who is not actively searching for a job to work for you. He may be employed in another company or may also be presently content in working on some projects.

How do you approach passive candidates?

Approaching a passive candidate is quite different from what you do for active applicants. Surely you need to be discreet and subtle in your conversation with them. Prevent being salesy in your ways and words because there is a greater chance that they will not listen to such, since they are currently employed and most probably enjoying the task they perform.

Should you forward invitations and information, it must be short and precise. Prevent generic messages but rather be intentional and personal in your communication; they would surely appreciate your effort in getting to know them.

Why are passive candidates better?

Passive candidates are said to be better since they are currently hired. They deliver current services and products that fit their clients and customers well. They are hired, trained, and execute a good disposition and possess the skills to perform their task well.

Most probably, they are content with their job because they are not looking for another job opportunity that may lie ahead of them.

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