Best Recruiting Websites for Employers

by Sarah Reyes

What are the best recruiting websites? Business leaders know no organization will ever succeed without the right people. Hiring the right person for the job allows companies to maximize their productivity, boost internal team morale, build a strong brand, and develop a unique and long-lasting customer experience. That is why HR managers and personnel have a crucial role to play. They must hire only candidates with the best fit for the job.

Unfortunately, looking for the best candidates is never easy. The good news is HR managers can post job availability on the internet. Companies do not even have to spend a lot of money because they can post jobs for free. However, hiring and recruitment specialists must know which virtual platforms to use when posting their organization’s job vacancies. Here are 20 of the best job posting sites for employers every HR professional should know and use.

Best Recruiting Websites


Best Recruiting Websites


Indeed is currently the world’s best job posting site for employers. Established in 2004, it bested Monster in October 2010 as the most visited job site among American hopefuls. The brand hosted 12.3 million job seekers, underscoring its favorability among HR professionals.

Today, more than 250 million job seekers visit the site monthly, submitting more than 175 million resumes to its data bank. It is also a favorite of HR professionals, hosting about ten job posts every second. Hence, Indeed for employers is one of the best ways to get the word out about a company’s available positions.

Posting a job on Indeed could never be more straightforward. Employers only need to make a free account, define the work, and post it. The platform lets HR professionals screen applicants from the get-go by including skills tests, assessment tools, and screener questions. They can also organize the candidates on the website, saving critical company resources for more essential functions.

Although it is free to post jobs on Indeed, HR professionals can ‘sponsor’ their posts to retain them in the top position. This action guarantees greater exposure to job seekers.


Founded in January 1999, Monster is one of the world’s best-recruiting websites for HR professionals. This online platform has desktop and mobile versions, allowing job seekers and employers the utmost convenience.

Employers can choose to post their job vacancies for free. Unfortunately, it tends to get pushed down the bottom of the list because many HR professionals post jobs every minute. Companies can retain their job posts at the top by buying slots. Monster offers a competitive pricing scheme for such an approach. In general, the more posting slots a business secures, the cheaper is each job post.

A new feature on Monster is the Work From Home category, perfect for companies looking to reshape their businesses’ future by integrating more remote work. There are also contract jobs for projects and other temporary employment opportunities employers can leverage to hire skilled people for seasonal demands.

While Indeed continues to trailblaze, Monster is not far behind. It remains a relevant online platform for employers and job seekers alike.


CareerBuilder is one of the most trusted job websites on the planet, predating by four years. It operates in 60 international markets across 23 countries, excluding the US market, where the brand enjoys a substantial following. Its resume-builder is a 2019 Bronze Stevie Awardee, while the website earned a Webby Award nomination in 2006.

Employers love CareerBuilder because it simplifies finding the right people for the job. The platform uses personalized tools and data-driven technology to match employer requirements with exceptional candidates.

Small business owners will never feel left out when using CareerBuilder because they have a dedicated section. The job website also has areas for the middle market and large enterprises, making it one of the best online resources for posting a job vacancy.

Human resource professionals will be glad to learn that 92% of elite Fortune 500 businesses have a direct relationship with CareerBuilder. Now, that is no ordinary feat.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions

LinkedIn is one of two social media platforms 64% of US college seniors use to look for jobs upon graduation, the other one being Google. More than 169 million Americans use LinkedIn to search for employment opportunities, post job vacancies, and strengthen professional networks.

This social media platform is a favorite ground of headhunters and recruiters, knowing the site is a large pool of seasoned and competent professionals. LinkedIn has a presence in more than 200 countries in desktop and mobile versions. Hiring the right candidate is a cinch because employers can feel confident about their prospect’s credentials.

LinkedIn also features an advanced algorithm that suggests professionals best suited for the job even though they did not apply for it. It also has a Career Page integration capability, empowering employers to build their brand.

This online platform is like a giant resume collection. Employers can browse through the professional pages of members and communicate with them directly. Companies can also detail their requirements to make the search more meaningful.

Google for Jobs

Nine out of ten internet users use Google to search for many things. People globally perform more than 70,000 searches on this platform every second. More than 246 million people in the US use Google, making 300 million job-related searches monthly. Worldwide, almost two-thirds of all Google users use the search engine on their mobile devices.

Unsurprisingly, many employers leverage Google’s phenomenal reach. In June 2017, Google launched its Google for Jobs as an embedded feature in its search engine. It is not a job website but an aggregator that displays employment openings on Google. It collects and organizes listings from different careers pages and job boards before presenting them on Google.

Although employers cannot post jobs directly on Google for Jobs, they can use existing job boards to link to Google. For example, if the company has a job post on LinkedIn, Google for Jobs automatically links to that post for display on the search engine results page.

Businesses can also integrate their official websites with Google. Unfortunately, that will require some technical expertise.


The undisputed king of social media applications, Facebook is one of the most popular websites for posting job vacancies. With more than 2.89 billion active users globally every month, employers will have their hands full in finding the right candidate.

Companies can post employment openings on Facebook in two ways. First, they can post on the social media platform’s generic “Jobs” section. Interested applicants can activate the “Apply Now” button to open a pre-populated page, where they can enter their details.

Second, companies can post a job opening on their official Facebook page. This method limits the number of potential applicants because only people who know the company’s official FB page will learn of such vacancies.

There are many advantages to using Facebook for posting job openings. Employers can reduce their hiring time while giving them access to more diverse candidates. It also does not cost anything to post a job on Facebook, making it one of the world’s best free job posting sites.


This jobs board might not be as comprehensive as the others in this list, but its specificity is something many employers appreciate. Snagajob is the US and Canada’s leading marketplace for hourly work. Many experts underscore the site’s focus on the gig economy.

Jobs under this category are flexible and temporary, with employees receiving compensation at an hourly rate. Surprisingly, 36% of American workers comprise the gig economy, 49% work part-time, and 36% hold multiple gig arrangements. It makes Snagajob a popular choice among freelancers, contractors, entertainers, artists, and others.

More than 700,000 employers use this platform to ‘snag’ the best hourly-paid candidates for their respective endeavors. It has more than 100 million job seekers, sufficient for companies to select their best-fit hires.

Unfortunately, posting on Snagajob entails an $89 monthly subscription for a single opening. However, companies can always post more job openings to enjoy excellent volume discounts.

Post Job Free

This job board’s interface is reminiscent of Craigslist. It has a straightforward layout that makes it a cinch for HR professionals to search for resumes from the site’s extensive database. Companies can also post their vacancies quickly and without incurring any expenses.

Post Job Free receives about 7,400 weekly resume uploads while attracting more than two million job posts globally. However, one must understand the site only caters to US vacancies. The good news is that applicants can come from anywhere worldwide. It is the perfect solution for US companies to find highly qualified candidates locally and overseas.

Although businesses can post openings for free, they cannot contact the applicants and promote job posts. Post Job Free requires a monthly subscription to enjoy these perks at various levels. For example, companies can opt for a $29 monthly plan to get 30 resume contacts and two promoted jobs.

Businesses can also integrate their job feed and applicant tracking system (ATS) into the site via XML for better search indexing.

Glassdoor for Employers

Established in 2008, Glassdoor is the go-to jobs board of employers who want to build a culture of workplace transparency in their organizations. It is a unique platform designed to introduce millions of job seekers to honest, credible, trustworthy companies. Glassdoor currently has close to two million employers, offering more than 11 million jobs to everyone who appreciates transparency.

This jobs board enjoys 55 million unique visitors every month, generating more than 100 million corporate reviews, insights, and salaries to make it easier for job seekers to find their dream employment. Sixty-five percent of all site visitors search and apply for the millions of jobs on the platform. It is a rich mine for HR professionals to discover their next big talent.

Glassdoor allows companies to post a maximum of ten job openings for free for seven days. It might seem insufficient. However, the platform’s company profile pages make it easier for candidates to find the best possible job and for businesses to choose the right person in their organization.

AngelList Recruit

Starting a small company is never easy, especially when one looks for the right people willing to venture into untested waters. After all, surveys show that only 56% of startups make it into their fifth year, and only 40% are profitable. Nevertheless, people are willing to work with a startup company. And the best platform to find them is on AngelList Recruit.

This jobs board dedicates its services to the startup market, connecting budding entrepreneurs with their ideal partners in growing their business. AngelList Recruit has more than eight million active users, 3.2 million job seekers, and more than 130,000 startups in various sizes (think Spotify and Slack) and developmental stages.

AngelList Recruit empowers employers to post multiple job openings for free. When they are ready, startups can upgrade to Recruit’s subscription plans to enjoy more benefits in hiring and selecting the right candidate.

Neuvoo for Employers

With more than 75 million people visiting Neuvoo every month looking for work, this is a jobs board worth posting job vacancies. It is an aggregator, searching and indexing millions of job offerings across official career websites, other job boards, and staffing or recruitment agencies. Unsurprisingly, the platform has more than 30 million jobs awaiting successful candidates across 75 countries.

Companies can post jobs on Neuvoo in one of two ways. Startups and small businesses with very tight budgets might want to consider the Basic plan. It is sufficiently robust to give organizations the tools for attracting the best possible candidates.

Unfortunately, with millions of employers posting vacancies on the website, it is not uncommon that one’s ads move further down the list. Organizations can address this by sponsoring their posts with Neuvoo’s Advanced subscription plan. The feature allows companies to retain their job posts at the top of Neuvoo’s page search results.

The job site features unique integrations to optimize employers’ job postings. It automatically sends the job posts to LinkedIn and Google for Jobs search results, giving companies better chances of hiring the right people.


Employers and HR professionals love this job posting site because of its extensive network and notifications setup. Companies only need to post their job listings, and the platform automatically sends them to more than a hundred job boards. ZipRecruiter then uses its advanced algorithm to search for the best match to the company’s hiring requirements from the platform’s millions of job seekers.

Posting a job is also easy with ZipRecruiter because of its customizable templates and screening questions. It has a mobile app for HR professionals on the go, allowing them to choose the perfect match for their organization, even when on a holiday vacation.

Like many job posting sites on this list, ZipRecruiter is free to use. However, it would be best for companies that want to remain visible to the millions of job seekers on the site to boost their listings.

Currently, more than 8 million active job listings are present on ZipRecruiter. It is proof of the website’s immense popularity among HR professionals.

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Nexxt takes job posting sites to the next level with innovative solutions that no HR professional will want to miss. It provides hiring strategies that guarantee results, such as job promotion, candidate search, network sponsorship, talent communities, candidate retargeting, and more.

This job posting site has more than 85 million registered members, including more than 12 million text subscribers. Companies that engage in SMS marketing can utilize Nexxt’s innovative features to maximize candidate engagement and reach. Organizations can also check the more than 29 million resumes on Nexxt’s database, perfect for planning a focused hiring activity.

Established in 1998, Nexxt is one of the oldest job boards on the market. The platform has ingenious job matching technology, candidate search solutions, dedicated employer desktop, multi-channel marketing platform, job publishing engine, and job advertising software. It continues to wow employers and job seekers alike with its continuing innovation, empowering employers to snatch the best workers for their organization.


Businesses that want to hire the best tech professionals should consider posting on Dice, the world’s leading database for IT professionals. It manages more than nine million tech professional profiles in the US, providing employers with the cream of the crop.

Employers love the full suite of hiring solutions on offer. It promotes job posts to more than 3,000 partner sites for a month, including social media sites, allowing companies to expand their reach and increase the chances of picking the best candidate for the job. Dice also empowers HR professionals to connect with IT professionals in the US.

Unfortunately, one has to pay to post a job opening. A single job offer can cost companies $395 per post. However, posting more reduces the fee. For example, posting three offers will only set businesses back by $305 per post. Five to ten job posts cost $250 apiece.

Regardless, its targeted niche makes Dice one of the best job posting sites for HR professionals looking for highly qualified IT professionals.

Hubstaff Talent

Job experts say there is a 460% increase in remote work searches from June 2019 to June 2021. Although the global economy is gradually reopening, McKinsey reports that remote work arrangements will be the new norm. The observation concludes that 20% to 25% of workers can perform their duties remotely for three to five days weekly without any productivity losses.

A May 2021 Mercer study revealed that 70% of employers are ready to adopt a hybrid work model integrating in-office and remote work arrangements. Adobe, Twitter, and Spotify are some of the first big-name organizations moving into the hybrid workplace era.

Companies that want to hire the best candidates for remote work can look at Hubstaff Talent’s exceptional pool of IT professionals, salespeople, managers, and more. It is the perfect solution for organizations that want to shift from traditional to hybrid work arrangements.

Best Job Posting Sites for Employers



A freelancer’s haven, Upwork has been bridging clients and talented people since 2015. The platform has more than 14 million users across 180 countries. Although it started as a free-for-all site where small entrepreneurs can post jobs for different projects, it now focuses more on Fortune 500 businesses.

Posting a job on the Upwork Talent Marketplace is a breeze. The site uses advanced algorithms to identify the candidates who are the best fit for the client’s requirements. Human resource professionals can check the candidates’ profiles, reviews, and portfolios before giving the go-signal to proceed.

Companies posting jobs on Upwork must describe and detail their requirements. They must also identify the job expertise they expect, including the working budget for the project. Employers love Upwork’s direct communication feature with prospective candidates. Unsurprisingly, the platform has more than 145,000 core clients to date.

Here is another job posting site worth checking out by employers and HR professionals. has a presence in at least 75 countries, offering more than 30 million jobs to everyone who has the necessary competencies. It is not a dedicated jobs board but an aggregator. The platform uses a complex algorithm to connect to job boards, staffing agencies, and businesses’ official career pages, centralizing the data into a convenient marketplace.

Employers get access to the platform’s 28 million unique visitors every month, sans the headache. guarantees a simplified process for job posting, empowering HR professionals to focus more on finding the best-fitting candidates for their companies.

Companies only need to create an account, and they can start posting jobs immediately. Unfortunately, the platform’s popularity translates to limited job post visibility. The best way to counter this issue is by sponsoring the job posting to increase its visibility on the search results page by ten times.

Best Job Posting Sites for Employers



Available in 36 different countries, Jora is a jobs search aggregator popular for its screening process. The site uses a complex job advertisement assessment and evaluation process to determine the post’s credibility and authenticity. Such a measure prevents scammers, spammers, and fraudsters from posting fictitious job ads on the free site.

Although it might take some time before the site publishes a client’s job post, many HR professionals agree it is worth the wait. Understandably, Jora’s focus on eliminating fraudulent job postings is beneficial to both job seekers and legitimate employers. It weeds out the companies with ulterior motives, making it easier for trustworthy organizations to reach and connect with the best candidates.

Companies with an XML job feed can also use Jora’s services to index the available positions automatically. The best part about this approach is it does not cost the company anything. True to its mission, Jora delivers a free platform for employers and job seekers to meet and embark on a fruitful working partnership. It is a tried and tested formula that works for many employers and people looking for their dream jobs.


Jobisite is one of the best job posting sites for recruiters and employers. It offers HR professionals the most convenient way to discover new talents for their respective companies. The platform is free to use, and it does not require any registration.

This platform sends accomplished job postings to search engines, social media platforms, and multiple job boards, empowering companies to reach more audiences. However, it would be best to get a Jobisite account to view job applications on the side. They can also search for suitable candidates they would like to evaluate further. On the other hand, the unregistered version allows employers to receive applications on their official email.

If the company wants better results, Jobisite offers premium subscription plans. The pricing scheme is competitive, making Jobisite an excellent option for small and medium-sized businesses with tight budgets.


Rounding up the list of the world’s best job posting sites for recruiters and employers is Guru. It is a niche platform, focusing more on IT professionals, such as programmers and web developers. However, it also accommodates clients with work requirements for writers, virtual assistants, business professionals, artists, and other freelancers.

One might look at Guru as a lesser-known version of Upwork, where clients get to find the perfect freelancer for their projects. However, Guru predates Upwork by 17 years, serving clients since 1998. It started as a clearinghouse for IT professionals requiring short-term contracts.

Employers can pay hourly or give a fixed compensation to successful applicants. Job posts on Guru are visible on Facebook Jobs, LinkedIn Jobs, and Google for Jobs, ensuring businesses have an expanded reach. The best part about Guru is that employers can negotiate directly with candidates, improving the company’s chances of hiring the best-fitting person for the job.

Best Free Job Posting Sites



Choosing the right candidate to fill a company’s vacancy is never easy. Even the most seasoned HR professionals can get the hiring and selection wrong. Although these 20 best job posting sites for employers do not guarantee the best-fitting candidate for every company, they simplify the hiring process. It would be up to HR professionals to refine their screening and evaluation methods to land the best person for the job.

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