How To Find Hiring Manager When Looking For A Job

by Sarah Reyes

Whether you are looking to add a personal panache to your curriculum vitae or your cover letter or are now getting ready for the most critical job application process— the interview, then knowing the person you are applying for or who will be interviewing you can be a great asset. 

It can highlight your professionalism and being detail-oriented to address the interviewer personally can also set you apart from the pool of candidates. It can also show that you are excited to further research about the company and its employees. In this write-up, I will highlight things to know on how to find out hiring manager for cover letter and interviewing purposes. Knowledge is power, and knowing can give you an edge. 

What is a hiring manager? 

The primary responsibility of a hiring manager is to fill open positions in a company, a corporation, or any organization. They are the ones who do the hiring and are also the ones to advise and supervise a future hire. 

They work closely and are supervised by Human Resources managers in the selection and recruitment process. The hiring manager’s main objective is to hire the best candidate in terms of characteristics and qualifications for the given position. They are also the ones tasked to do the interview and assess the candidates in the hiring process. 

A hiring manager, who does hiring in a company, could make or break your application to your dream job, thus deeming them the one to get ready for in the quest to get your dream job. 

What is a hiring manager?


How to find hiring manager for job interviews

Social Media

Almost everyone in this day and age has access to the internet, and more or less, has one or two social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram. Try to search for your hiring manager’s name by first looking for the company’s name, and if to no avail, search for a job description together with the company name; in this case, a hiring manager is what you want to look for. 

If you are lucky and you found the exact person you are looking for, write them a professional although personalized message introducing yourself. Make sure that you take note of your message’s tone and no typos! You make an impression as early and have that advantage. This won’t guarantee you the position, but it could increase your chance of being hired. 

How to find hiring manager for job interviews


Ask help from someone who works there

Searching on social media sometimes does not work out. A reason could be your hiring manager’s lack of socials, or their social media accounts don’t list the company they work for. If that does not work out, try instead to search for someone who works in the same department in the same company. 

To ensure your chances of getting a response, looking and establishing something that connects you and the person will prove effective. Maybe you both have a mutual friend, or you both are graduates of the same college or university. 

Once a relationship or connection is established, write a friendly message and make sure that there is no vagueness and that the job position is introduced the first time. You will know the hirer’s name, and if you play your cards right, you could even score an introduction. 

Directly contacting the company

If the socials didn’t work, you have the option to look directly at the company’s website. Looking to see if they have their employees listed is helpful, and some companies do that and even provide an employee directory right on their website. 

If that didn’t work and only the main contact numbers are listed, it might be helpful to call the number. 

Chances are, you might be directed to the front desk, so be sure that you directly inquire about the position and try to ask how to address a recruiter in an email as politely as possible or ask to be directed to the human resource department. They might provide you directly with the information or wire your call to the apt department. 

Associate with everyone you know

Career networking is important if you want to get ahead of your professional contacts, and by extension, your career goals. This involves using your personal, professional, academic, and even familial connections to learn more about the industry you are planning to get into. Use your links to inquire whether they are familiar with the company. 

You might even know someone who knows the hiring manager personally or any other member of the company’s human resources. 

If you get lucky with a connection already established, messaging the person directly on their socials like Facebook or even their LinkedIn account can be advantageous to your quest of learning your hiring manager’s name. Not only will this be helpful in your interview, but you gain another network on the way!

Try a trade publication

Trade publications are a compendium of articles revolving around a specific interest of a particular profession. If you are applying for a company that is renowned internationally, then chances are they have a publication. Not only will this option give you the opportunity to read about your future profession and industry but you can have an inside scoop by knowing some of the names of the important directors and employees in your company of interest. 

Peruse the job listing 

A job listing is long and detailed, and when we’re out of time, we only do a little skimming and scanning of the whole thing, and information like the HR contact number or even the recruiter’s name is overlooked. This is the reason that many advise you to read the whole listing twice or even more. 

Not only will you be able to visit overlooked details, but knowing how to answer the hiring manager’s question about the job will give the impression that you are prepared and qualified for your attention to detail. 

How to Find Out Who the Hiring Manager Is


Examine the email 

A perusal of the job listing can procure you an email address that might have been previously overlooked. Job descriptions usually provide the jobseekers with an email address to write to inquire further about the listing. Write a professional but friendly letter asking about the job and the hiring manager’s name. 

A helpful tip is also analyzing the email address. Emails about an invitation to do a job interview are usually signed with a signature at the end, including their name and the company’s name and their position in the company. Once you have that, a little search on social media will give you a background on the hiring manager and make you feel ready once an interview is scheduled. 

Check the hiring company’s website

Some companies hire a recruitment agency to do the hiring for them, and if this is the case for the job you are eyeing and applying for, it is wise to look if the recruiting agency has a website. There might be a handy search bar to search for who you are looking for or if they have individual pages that give a brief profile and professional history of a particular hiring manager. 

There are convenient recruitment agency websites that list that information, plus the companies each hiring manager is currently working for or has previously worked for. Then you will know who exactly could be the hiring manager and who to contact. 

Search other job sites for a similar listing 

In order to find the best potential candidate for a job they are hiring for, a company usually lists jobs on multiple job search platforms and sometimes even on social media. This way, their job listing will reach an audience of hopefuls, and they could find the specific talent with the set of skills and qualifications they are searching for. With this premise in the table, do a quick search for the job posting. 

Copy and paste a portion of the listing and search it on a search engine of your choosing. You can even find the original listing with the hiring manager’s contacts and their name this way. 

Connect with management

When it feels like you have done everything, exhausted all the sources to no avail, then maybe now is the time to contact and reach out to the senior management office. Companies are usually great at networking and will welcome any inquiries from people outside their four walls. You even might get more than your hiring manager’s name if the executive of a particular department hears the potential and the drive in your voice!

Ways to Find the Name of a Hiring Manager




We hope you learn enough from this article about how to find hiring manager for the purpose of getting that dream job you have studied and worked hard for. Anonymity is a thing of the past, and trying out these tips can lead you right to your hiring manager’s name. So we wish you great luck on that cover letter or interview, and have fun working your dream job! 

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