Why Use An Employment Recruiter To Land Your Dream Job

by Sarah Reyes

All working humans will agree that finding a new job is hard in this day and age. Unemployment is rising, and if you are lucky enough to be employed, the potential of underemployment is more or less inevitable. Who can help you land your dream job easier? A recruiter can.  In this article, I’ll show you why you should consider consulting a recruiter. Ready? Let’s get right to it.

What is a Recruiter? 

A recruiter can be a part of a company’s human resource department or someone hired by a company to facilitate finding the perfect candidate for every open position. They are the people experts at identifying deserving candidates, screening them, and referring them to the company looking for a particular talent. 

So, what do recruiters do? They are involved in all the hiring processes of talent acquisition, from assessing a candidate’s resume to the whole interview process to recommending the perfect candidate to a hiring manager. 

Many skills are required to be a recruiter, from communication skills for effective interviewing to relationship-building skill since the recruiter tends to be a mentor for a person looking for a job. 

Not only do recruiters connect a candidate to their perfect job, though, but they also help a candidate boost their resume, prepare and guide them throughout the interview process and help them in tackling to negotiate their expected salaries. 

What’s the difference between a recruiter and a hiring manager? 

A hiring manager is the one who does the hiring, and they are also there when it comes to the final interview and choosing the best candidate from the pool. They are also the ones to guide and manage the new hire into the fold. 

On the other hand, a recruiter differs because they are only there in the initial recruitment. They help the hiring managers by collecting a pool of potential hirees and assessing the best talents to be forwarded to the final interview process. 

Reasons to use a recruiter in finding your dream job

Using a recruiter saves you time

Filtering through countless job ads and sometimes going from window to window and handing out resumes can take a toll on you and take your valuable time. Many people looking for jobs might still be working in their current position. To save you time, it might be wise to consult a recruiter to guide you in finding your next job. 

Doing so will give you the freedom to still work while allowing you to consider other jobs simultaneously. A recruiter will usually do the job searching for you coupled with a lot of guidance, which is another bullet point in this article. 

Not to mention that recruiters have access to several upcoming and currently hiring jobs and will only present you with the option to apply to the position that is perfect for your set of skills and will hone your skills further while at the same time teaching you new ones. 

What is a Recruiter?


Using a recruiter helps you gain you a more expansive network

As long as you are working, your network will grow larger and more significantly to accumulate every mentor, every coworker, every colleague, and  every professor as you pursue higher education, and friends and family. They are essential in the process of advancing your professional career, but no network is more influential and noteworthy than that of a job recruiter. 

Connections and the job your recruiter has access to can lead you to land not just another 9 to 5, but it could land you the ultimate job position of your dreams that show off your skills to the max. Having your recruiter’s confidence and recommendation can give you an edge more than your documents would do. 

With all their connections and their access to a database of work, a recruiter might be your meal ticket to your dream job. 

A recruiter guides you in the whole process

While the hiring manager will guide you when you get hired, the recruiter will guide you to reach your highest potential in order to land the job you are highly qualified for. Recruiters can act as a mentor and guide you in every step of the job hiring process. 

The best recruiter will have a hand at this process, from making sure that your resume is as comprehensive and in tiptop shape to helping you throughout the interview process. They will not just provide you with their vast network but can also coach you with their trade knowledge to ensure that you get the best chance at landing that job. 

Using a recruiter is a two-way street

A recruiter’s job is to source as many qualified candidates as possible, and ensuring that you get accepted to your dream job is the end that will make them earn their pay for the day. Like any other paying job or employment, career recruiters are driven to be paid, and that will only cause the recruiter to make sure that you are in your best job search to land the position. 

Using a recruiter will give you a broader option in opportunities

Like a job center, a recruiter has access to a database of companies looking for the best people to fill their job vacancies. Not every possible job is in job searching platforms or newspapers. 

Sometimes, when companies hire a recruiter’s business, they tend not to post or advertise the job online on job search platforms or anywhere at all. 

The job of looking for the best of the best and hiring is solely in the recruiter’s hands. They have access to jobs that are not posted anywhere else and could give that opportunity to apply to anyone who meets the criteria. Thus, adding to the exclusivity factor in asking for a recruiter to aid you in looking for a job. 

Relying on your profile being out in several job platforms or websites will close you in the possibility of landing on a number of far greater opportunities a recruiter has access to. 

Sometimes we tend to lock ourselves in a box and only apply for the position we are comfortable in. A recruiter will open you up to the prospect of tapping your other set of unique skills.  

Use a recruiter if your profession is specialized

Each profession or occupation requires a person to employ a set of skills that will be beneficial in administering each unique task. 

A chef needs to be able to know how to cook really well, or a teacher requires the skill of effective communication and patience in order to teach effectively. Each job has its own set of specialized skills, and a recruiter recognizes that. 

For the recruiter to land a client on a job effectively, they need to know the potential hire’s conceivable talents and skills inside out. This gives them the confidence and the ability to connect a hiree to a potential employer. 

If you have hard-to-place skills and professions that aren’t generally posted in job search websites or other platforms, asking for guidance from a great employment recruiter can land you a job that values your unique set of skills and qualifications. 

Using a recruiter will keep you on the radar

Having a highly specialized set of skills that requires a particular employer to consider can sometimes be hard to place, even with a recruiter’s help. 

The good thing about still reaching out to a recruiter is you stay on their radar for when a particular company or employer is looking for your specific set of specialized skills. 

Unlike jobs you applied for and are not hired for, recruiters do not just toss your resumes and curriculum vitae away. 

Instead, your name is now kept in their database called Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS. This will give you the chance to apply still if a future position opens up, and the recruiter will personally contact you. 

So don’t fret if you don’t land a job right away since your resume might pop up on the recruiter’s database in no time to match the new job listing that just went vacant. 

Use a recruiter for confidentiality

Concerning how recruiters will save you valuable time, sometimes actively looking for a job while still in your current position is a sensitive matter. It is not illegal but might put unnecessary stress and burden on your shoulders when your boss might find out about it before you have the chance to leave officially. 

The best thing about employing a job recruiter’s services is the confidentiality that comes with their services. Because of the databases that they only have the ability to access, your current employers would be none the wiser and you can continue with your job search while still working your current job. 

How do recruiters work?


Use a recruiter for finding remote work

The Covid-19 pandemic has paved the way for more remote jobs, and since remote work or work-from-home is still in the trajectory in the future, as this pandemic continues, it would not go anywhere. Recruiters are adaptable and are now able to connect you to jobs remotely. 

Your subsequent work from home is only a click away, and the recruiter will even extend the same services with online guides in the hiring process and video interviews, making it easy for you to still get the best out of their services in the comfort of your own home. 

How do recruiters work?

The employer of the company itself employs a recruiter, making the recruiter responsible for both the employer and the potential candidate’s best interest. 

It’s important to remember that a recruiter will guide an individual in the process of likely hiring. Still, the decision of the hiring itself will depend on the conclusion of the hiring manager or the big boss. 

There is a process that recruiters follow. This might not be linear and specific, but generally, it is the process they follow. 

The first step is accepting the vacant slot with an employer opening a position. A recruiter will get everything from the job description to the interview question to the salary range and even promotional advantages. 

Once that is done, the second step is taken by posting the job listing on every platform possible. This will create traffic and entice candidates to apply for the position. 

The third is sourcing the best candidates. There are interesting statistics that state that, on average, a new job posting will receive applicants five minutes after the listing has been posted. This gives you a picture of how many candidates will apply, and the recruiter comes in by choosing the best possible candidates in the bunch. 

Once the potential hirees are chosen, interviews are conducted. This part of the process will allow the recruiter to further pick the cream from the crop. They will make sure to select the best possible candidate before presenting them for a final interview with the hiring manager, and that’s where a recruiter’s job ends. 

From this end on, the hiring manager will be the one to decide whether the candidate is fit for the job or not. 

Use a Recruiter to Find a Job



Asking for help is inherently human, and there’s no shame in doing so, especially in these trying times where jobs are harder to procure and secure. Career recruiters might help you not just in a job you need but a job you will enjoy and thrive in. Remember that there’s a recipe to successful employment, and recruiters are just one ingredient to the dish. 

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