29 HR Tech Conferences to Watch Out for in 2022

by Sarah Reyes

Summits, seminars, and conferences can help develop your career and demonstrate how you are committed to improve your performance and knowledge. They can help sharpen your HR knowledge, learn something new, and network with fellow professionals. In this article, we’re sharing with you the most important HR technology and development conferences to attend to this year. Ready? Let’s get to it!

HR Technology Conferences Worth-Attending in 2022

Let’s get to this list of significant conferences that offer every recruiter, hiring manager, and other HR professionals with an opportunity to sharpen their knowledge and skills and stay updated with employee health, HR tech, learning, and the work post-COVID, among others.

“The State of Changing Work Arrangements, January 26”

Register and join this free conferences that will discuss about the latest practices, trends, and updates, which are changing the workplace.

This key event will feature different HR professionals globally. They will share their experience and expertise about remote working arrangements, project-based work, and different work models, including part-time jobs, to name some and how they’ll have an impact in performance management, transformation strategies in the digital world, and more.

The State of Changing Work Arrangements


“CIPD Talent Management and Workforce Planning Conference,” February 3

The conference will be held online and in person in London, UK.  Parties interested to join and take part in it are invited to register. What’s in it? This event is focused on discussing crucial HR topics, including strategic planning in the workplace, HR technology, and talent selection and management, which are all important for an organization, especially with the ever-changing HR landscape.

It will help you develop a data-driven method to different business aspects, including workforce planning and allow you to discuss how you’re to develop and build strategy in managing talent for a successful company or organization.

The cost to attend is £595 + VAT for online attendees and £725 + VAT for in-person attendees. To book a ticket, you can check this out.

“HR Innovation & Tech Fest,” February 3 – 4

This is an in-person event to take place in Sydney, Australia.  It will bring HR professionals together to share insights and knowledge to the attendees. The HR tech fest will offer you with the latest trends and information to help you gain new skills that will combine design thinking, technology, and digital knowledge to stay updated with the most current in HR’s transformation to digital. The event will cover a wide-range of topics to also include workforce analytics, employee engagement, and transformation in the digital world.

The cost of this conference is from AU$1,200 (+GST).

“Future Workforce Conference,” February 16 – 18

It’s an online conference that costs from $299. This event is for HR professionals and leaders that want to discover ways that they can empower a modern team’s workforce through organizational culture, collaboration, skill-building, workplace experiences, and so on. It might be for you if you want to discover more about these topics, which are greatly influencing the success of every organization in the world.

This conference will also feature Erik van Vulpen, Academy to Innovate HR founder. He’ll discuss the importance of data literacy as well as analytics in work’s future. Join it!

 “2022 NAAAHR National Hybrid Conference,” February 22 – 27

It is the largest conference for African American, Brown, and Black human resource professionals that you must attend if you’re interested in knowing the challenges that most HR professionals are facing.

This year, the focus will be on the challenges of the HR department in the middle of the changes post COVID. It will also tackle the old issues of HR teams.

For those who will attend, they will be lucky to catch Erik van Vulpen’s presentation as well as receive credits of the HRCI Recertification.

  • You can either attend this event online or at the St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.
  • For student members and NAAHR members, the conference fee is $1,750 or $2,250.
  • For non-members, $2,050 or $2,550.

The cost difference is due to the hotel accommodation type.

  • You can also attend online at a cost of $450 (non-members), $250 (members), and $125 (student members).
2022 NAAAHR National Hybrid Conference


“HR Vision London,” February 23 – 24

This is an in-person event in London, United Kingdom that costs from £999.  The event focuses on the varying types of HR tech that influence the management practices in the HR department. 

It will also tackle ways on how HR professionals can put employees in the future of work’s top priority. Participants of the conference will have the opportunity to network with influencers and other professionals in brainstorming sessions.  It will also feature speakers from international companies like Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, and GE Healthcare.

“HR Technology Conference & Exposition,” March 1 – 4

The HR conference is a free virtual event. If you’re interested in staying updated with the latest practices that inspire and influence the success of HR through technology, you should register.

This event will also feature different virtual sessions and professionals, who will share their best practices and ideas with fellow professionals regarding topics like HR technology and more. Participants will also have the chance to connect and network with other HR experts and professionals.

“Hacking HR 2022,” March 06 – 10

One of the most significant parts of this conference is the presentation of Erik van Vulpen, the AIHR founder.  This conference will focus and discuss topics, including digital transformation, digital agility, HR strategy, engagement, and employee experience. These and more related to tomorrow’s work and HR tech will be covered in the conference.

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“HR Core Lab 10th Summit,” March 14 – 15

There are two formats to choose from if you wish to attend this conference in Barcelona, Spain, or online. The virtual ticket costs €50 and the live ticket costs €1,490. The event will feature different HR experts and leaders from companies, like Unilever, LEGO Group, and HSBC, among others.

Participants will also have the chance to connect with professionals from different countries as well as various industries. Topics to discuss include people analytics, recruitment, HR agility, and more.

“HR Transform 2022,” March 14-16

The event will take place at The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, US. It will be a gathering of various industry leaders and experts globally, and they’re ready to discuss and share their insight into the ‘future of work’ as it is influenced by HR technology.

There will be a lot of leaders that will speak and explain about how your organization can prepare to embrace the changes in an efficient and timely way and how to use it to optimize your talent acquisition and work processes. Here’s a link to register.

“HR and Future of Work APAC,” March 22 – 23

This is a free online conference. You’re invited to join and network with other HR professionals and executives, as they discuss and share their knowledge about the current issues and challenges faced by the industry in the middle of the future of work. In this conference, the attendees can access different business presentations from speakers globally.

“5th Annual International HR Forum 2022” March 24 – 25

The cost to attend this conference is €198. It is open for all HR professionals who are interested to join the discussions and share their insights about the latest human resource developments. It will also feature talks about disrupting HR tech to affect the industry this year.

Participants can attend different panels, which are led by industry experts and HR leaders that will feature topics about dealing with remote and hybrid work and employee health.  It will also discuss remote work, continuous engagement culture, and a whole lot more.

“UNLEASH America,” March 29 – 30

This Unleash America conference is available in the in-person format to be held in Las Vegas, USA. The cost of this event is $899. UNLEASH is an event for all recruitment leaders, L&D, and human resource.

The event will welcome 1500 participants and leaders who will talk about the changing landscape in HR technology and ways that it will help in solving the major challenges in the industry. It is overall aiming to help participants to navigate the future of work and its changing world. Participants will have the opportunity to connect with and network with like-minded individuals and professionals.

“HR of Tomorrow Conference Paris,” March 31 – April 1

The in-person conference is open to all professionals who want to connect and network with decision-makers, human resource experts, and other professionals from Europe.  It costs €2,200 for HR professionals. The conference will feature talks about recruitment as well as employee experience and engagement. Some speakers include people from international corporations and businesses, such as Brown Brothers Harriman, Nokia, and Cisco and key people like HR directors, VPs of HR, and CHROs. 

“Organizational Learning That Adapts to Change,” April 20

If you’re an HR professional looking to adapt to change, this might be the conference to attend this year.  The online conference costs $195 for a day of virtual conference. 

The objective of this conference is to help organizations thrive despite all the changes and disruption happening in the HR industry. It is also to educate HR departments on how to educate and deploy their employees in innovative ways.

If you’re looking to improve how your HR works in the future of work while also creating a systematic way towards agile education and learning and aligning agile learning strategies with your business strategy, you might want to join this conference.

“HR Retail 2022,” April 25 – 26

The HR Retail 2022 is in the in-person format and costs $2,999.  If you’re in retail and want to improve your HR practices, you might be interested to join this event.  It will help stay ahead of your game and updated with the most recent technologies in the human resource industry.

“Employee Engagement Summit 2022,” May 12 – 14

This conference will cover the different aspects involved in employee engagement, but there will also be a focus on ways to keep engagement, culture, and employee wellbeing especially in a modern and hybrid workplace. This event gives you the chance to attend a valuable conference while also networking with HR professionals and leaders internationally.

You can attend in-person or virtually and experience a significant HR event.

The single stream license costs £95, while the ticket for in-person format will be shown upon inquiry. 

“ATD 2022 International Conference & EXPO,” May 15 – 18

If you’re looking to develop talent and maximize their potential, while you’re creating different transformations for both your learners and organizations, you might want to check out this conference happening in May.

This event will also give participants the opportunity to network with professionals and like-minded people, while sharing ideas and insights with them on ways to develop long-term workplace resiliency in this world that is filled with changes and disruptions.  The event costs $650 for virtual attendees and $1,995 for in-person attendees.

“WorkHuman Live Conference 2022,” May 16 – 19

You can listen from different HR professionals and industry leaders who are the leaders in the initiatives to bring humanity into the workplace.

By participating, you will be able to stay updated with the latest tools and insights as well as learn the best practices on how to thrive not just with the best strategies but also with people-first principles.  The event will also be discussing what you can do in improving the wellbeing, success, and satisfaction of employees as well as developing your organization’s culture in this hybrid and digital world.

This is an in-person event that will take place in Atlanta, Georgia. It costs $2,195 for its standard rate and $1,495 early bird rate.

“HR Tech Live 5th Edition APAC,” May 24 – 25

It is an online event that costs free. Participating in it gives you the chance to connect with more than 1,000 executives, experts, and HR professionals globally. They will share their insights, knowledge, and expertise in employee experience, people strategy, and transformation in this digital world. Plus, you can gain an access to a resource/content library that can give you the most updated previews and insights of different HR technologies.

HR Tech Live 5th Edition APAC


“The State of Employee Well-being 2022,” June 1 – 2

The virtual event is free and is open to all professionals that want to learn from the best in the industry. It is focused on the growing importance of employee wellbeing, health, and safety in this economy right after the pandemic.

As every HR executive and professional must know, the triumph of their business and organization lies in their people – who are the foundation of a successful company. To achieve it, human resource professionals should realize that the best performing people are those that can feel their best. You must register in this event if you want to know the “now and future” HR challenges when it comes to employee wellbeing and new HR tech.

“SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2022,” June 12 – 15

By participating in this conference, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from the biggest names in the HR industry, as they share their insights and knowledge about the latest in human resource.

You will also have the chance to attend four-day event with a lot of presentations from HR and business leaders.  In addition, you will have a chance to access content that discuss the most pressing HR issues, including workplace culture, talent acquisition, and more.

Participants can attend online or in-person in New Orleans or LA. For non-members, the cost is $2,450 and $1,950 for members. Online participant will need to pay $1,550 (non-members) and $1,295 (members).

“Gartner Data & Analytics Summit,” July 25 – 26

Do you want to get inspired and learn from business leaders, CAOs, and veteran data and analytics experts? You might want to count yourself into this seminar that will cover topics on technology, business strategy, and leadership – all from the perspective of experts in data and analytics.

The in-person event takes place in Sydney, Australia. For standard tickets, it will cost AU$3,475 and for early bird tickets, it’s AU$2,975. For the public sector, tickets will be available for AU$2,750.

“The State of Human Experience in the Workplace 2022,” August 17

The online event is free to join. You might be interested to take a part in a conference that will teach you ways to set different indicators for employee experience in the current landscape as well as ways that such can affect retention, performance, and engagement.

In this event, you will discover ways that you can improve employee experience and discover the most useful HR practices to apply in your organization – such as compensation, benefits, performance management, and corporate culture.

“Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference,” September 21

By attending this conference about HR technology and trends, you will discover the best practices and latest insights to help you develop common language as well as understanding around topics like DEI and develop your organization’s strategy.

It will also discuss about empowering your workforce so that they can work together. If you want to earn credits from SHRM, HRCI, and HCI, you might want to attend this conference.

This virtual conference is about creating a culture of inclusion, equity, and diversity.  For a one-day conference pass, it costs $195.

“Western Cities HR Conference,” October 4 – October 7

The in-person event that will happen in British Columbia and ticket is available from CA$838.95.

What are the topics? This event will focus on discussing topics that will address the challenges that the human resource industry is facing.  There will also be different breakout sessions that will offer you inspiration and insights relating to the industry and your work.

“Supporting Workplace Wellness & Wellbeing,” October 19

It will discuss about remote workplace and hybrid arrangements in the workplace and how and why it requires companies and organizations to offer more than wellness programs to their employees. If you’re an HR professional that aims to support your people during financial hardship, stress, and conflict, as well as other issues. In addition, it will give you the latest insights into creating an employee culture that will value your people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing.

The online conference is a one-day virtual event that costs $195.

“IFEBP 68th Annual Employee Benefits Conference,” October 23 – 26

The HR tech conference will give participants different insights into employee benefits’ world coming from expert practitioners. You will also have the chance to connect and connect with thousands of colleagues based globally.

So, if you want to have the opportunity to connect with your industry colleagues and an access to different solutions to implement to your own organization, you might be interested to participate in this conference.

The event is available live and in online formats. For those participating live, it will take place in Las Vegas.

“Agile Leadership Development Conference,” November 16

The virtual conference costs $195. It will discuss different topics concerning the HR industry as well as provide you with valuable insights on how your organization can solve not having enough successors for different executive roles as well as ways to minimize any organization risk.   

It is one of the best conferences to attend late this year to keep yourself updated with the latest in the HR industry as well as sharpen your knowledge in dealing with the issues facing the industry today.

Agile Leadership Development Conference
A Changing Labor Market Requires a Shift to Modern Workplace Learning



There you have the best HR tech conferences that you must attend this year. They can hone your skills and keep you updated with the latest and most useful practices in the industry as well as help you discover the different issues being faced by HR executives and professionals globally.

We can see some #HRTrends that will be discussed in a few of the featured conferences – employee engagement, employee experience, humanizing the workplace, and organizational culture. All these topics are very relevant in today’s HR landscape, and I’m sure we’re all going to learn a lot from these conferences hosted by the best and attended by industry leaders and experts.

If you think we’ve forgotten an upcoming HR technology conference in the list, let us know in the comments.

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