Can I customize the greeting message?

by Peter Trebek

Absolutely! Hirenest allows you to customize the greeting message for your assessments. The greeting message is an essential component of the assessment experience as it sets the tone and provides important information to candidates.

During the assessment creation process, you can navigate to the cover tab where you’ll find the option to customize the greeting message. This is where you can craft a personalized message that welcomes candidates, provides instructions, and shares any additional details or context about the assessment.

Customizing the greeting message offers several benefits. It allows you to:

  1. Provide Instructions: You can use the greeting message to provide clear instructions to candidates on how to proceed with the assessment, including any specific guidelines or expectations.
  2. Share Important Information: You can use the greeting message to communicate important details about the assessment, such as the estimated duration, any specific topics or skills being assessed, and any prerequisites or requirements.
  3. Engage Candidates: A well-crafted greeting message can help engage candidates from the beginning of the assessment, making them feel valued and motivated to give their best performance.
  4. Enhance Branding: By customizing the greeting message, you can incorporate your company’s voice and branding, creating a consistent and professional experience for candidates.

Remember to keep the greeting message concise, clear, and friendly. It’s an opportunity to establish a positive connection with candidates and provide them with the necessary information to navigate the assessment successfully.

By customizing the greeting message in Hirenest, you can create a welcoming and informative experience for candidates, ensuring they have a clear understanding of the assessment and feel motivated to perform their best.

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