How much time does it take for a candidate to finish an assessment?

by Peter Trebek

The time it takes for a candidate to complete an assessment can vary depending on the specific tests included and the individual’s pace. However, Hirenest provides you with the ability to estimate the duration of each test and the total assessment time while creating the assessment.

During the assessment creation process, you can review and check the estimated time for each test in order to gauge how long it may take candidates to complete each section. Additionally, Hirenest allows you to set a total assessment time based on your preferences and requirements.

While it’s important to consider the estimated times, it’s worth noting that candidates often complete assessments faster than the provided estimates. Factors such as the candidate’s familiarity with the subject matter and their level of proficiency can impact their completion time.

To ensure an optimal candidate experience and maintain engagement, it is generally recommended to keep the total assessment time below 1 hour. This duration strikes a balance between gathering comprehensive information about the candidate’s skills and abilities while respecting their time and attention.

By keeping the assessment time within a reasonable limit, you can increase the likelihood of candidates completing the assessment without feeling overwhelmed or fatigued. This helps to maintain their focus and motivation throughout the evaluation process.

Remember, it’s important to consider the specific requirements of the job role and the complexity of the tasks being assessed when determining the appropriate assessment duration. This ensures a thorough evaluation while respecting the candidate’s time constraints.

By using Hirenest’s features to estimate test durations and setting a suitable total assessment time, you can create an efficient and effective assessment experience for candidates.

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