Can I review the assessment questions before assigning them to candidates?

by Peter Trebek

Yes, you have the ability to review the assessment questions before assigning them to candidates in Hirenest. The platform allows you to evaluate the questions even before publishing the assessment. This feature enables you to ensure the quality and relevance of the questions, making any necessary modifications or adjustments as needed.

Furthermore, you can publish the assessment and open a public link to take the assessment yourself. This allows you to experience the assessment firsthand, providing an opportunity to assess its suitability and effectiveness in evaluating candidates.

It’s worth noting that strategically designs its assessments to yield a well-distributed spread of candidate results. The tests are structured in a balanced manner, consisting of 50% easy questions to assess basic proficiency and ensure that all candidates have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills. The remaining 50% is divided equally between medium and hard-level questions, allowing for the evaluation of higher competence and expertise. This balanced structure ensures a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s capabilities across different levels of complexity.

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