How do I know if a candidate has finished the assessment?

by Peter Trebek

In Hirenest, you can easily track the completion of assessments by candidates. When a candidate finishes the assessment, you will receive a notification through email, informing you that the candidate has completed the assessment. This notification serves as an alert for you to review their results and proceed with the evaluation process.

Additionally, within the Hirenest platform, you can access the Evaluate tab in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to see the list of candidates who have completed the assessment. This allows you to have a clear view of which candidates have finished and are ready for evaluation.

The combination of email notifications and the Evaluate tab in the ATS ensures that you are promptly informed when a candidate completes the assessment, allowing you to stay updated and effectively manage the assessment process.

The email notification not only serves as a convenient way to keep track of candidate progress but also acts as a reminder to review the assessment results and proceed with the next steps in the hiring process. By leveraging these notifications and the ATS features in Hirenest, you can stay organized, efficiently track candidate progress, and ensure a smooth assessment and evaluation workflow.

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