How to track candidates?

by Peter Trebek

In Hirenest, tracking candidates throughout the assessment process is made simple with an easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The ATS provides you with a real-time view of each candidate’s progress, allowing you to stay organized and efficiently manage your hiring workflow. Here’s how you can track candidates using the ATS:

  1. Measure (Assessment in Progress): The Measure tab gives you an overview of the assessments that are currently in progress. You can see which candidates have started or are currently taking the assessment. This tab helps you keep track of candidates who are at different stages of the assessment process.
  2. Evaluate (Check Results): Once candidates have completed the assessment, their results are automatically displayed in the Evaluate tab. Here, you can review and assess each candidate’s performance, analyzing their scores, responses, and any other relevant assessment data. This tab allows you to compare candidates and decide which ones are the best fit for the role based on their assessment results.
  3. Interview (Mark Good Candidates): After evaluating the candidates’ assessment results, you can mark the candidates you consider as strong prospects for further interviews. The Interview tab helps you keep track of the candidates you want to invite for interviews, ensuring you don’t miss any potential top performers.
  4. Hire (Mark as Hired): Once you have conducted interviews and identified the candidate(s) you want to hire, you can mark them as hired in the Hire tab. This final step indicates that you have selected the candidate(s) and are ready to proceed with the next stages of the hiring process, such as onboarding and formal job offer.

By utilizing the ATS in Hirenest, you can effectively manage and track candidates at different stages of the assessment and hiring process. The four tabs (Measure, Evaluate, Interview, and Hire) provide a clear and organized structure to help you monitor progress, make informed decisions, and efficiently move candidates through the hiring pipeline.

The ATS in Hirenest simplifies candidate tracking, enabling you to have a comprehensive view of your hiring process and ensuring that you stay on top of each candidate’s status from assessment to hiring.

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