How to invite candidates?

by Peter Trebek

Inviting candidates to take assessments in Hirenest is a straightforward process. Once you have created your assessment and published it, you can easily invite candidates using private or public links. Here’s how you can invite candidates:

  1. Private Link: When you create an assessment, Hirenest provides you with a private link that you can share directly with specific candidates. You can send this link via email, messaging platforms, or any other communication method you prefer. Only candidates with the private link will be able to access and take the assessment.
  2. Public Link: Alternatively, you can also generate a public link for your assessment. This link can be shared on job boards, career websites, or social media platforms to attract a wider pool of candidates. Anyone who has access to the public link will be able to take the assessment.

By providing both private and public link options, Hirenest gives you the flexibility to target specific candidates directly or reach a broader audience, depending on your hiring needs.

When candidates click on the assessment link, they will be directed to the assessment interface in Hirenest, where they can complete the assessment within the designated time frame. It’s important to communicate the time limit to candidates, so they are aware of the expected duration for completing the assessment.

Once candidates have completed the assessment, their results and responses will be available for you to review and evaluate within the Hirenest platform. You can access detailed reports and analytics to help you assess candidate performance and make informed hiring decisions.

By using Hirenest’s invitation feature, you can efficiently invite candidates to take assessments, whether through private links for targeted candidates or public links for broader reach. This streamlined process ensures that candidates have a seamless experience while allowing you to gather valuable data for your hiring process.

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